The first Montana Historian Magazine was published by Rey Advertising in 2010. Mike Rey, of Rey Advertising, is a student of history and wanted a way to connect with fans of Montana’s somewhat brief (in historical terms) but colorful past. He offered a way for specific businesses who have their own rich history, to share their stories in the magazine.

Montana Historian Magazine, 2019/2020 issue.

Montana Historian Magazine is now available mainly in the Bozeman area at various grocery stores and racks throughout Gallatin County. It is also available through the mail (go to the contact page and inquire about back issues). Published once a year, 4500 copies have barely been enough to keep up with demand. Each year we consider demand and have sometimes run a second printing to provide enough copies of the magazine to readers.

The stories that have been printed in Montana Historian are as diverse as the people who populate our great state. Yellowstone Park has been featured more than once, stories on the changes in transportation over the years, how vigilantes proved to be such prominent sculptors of where we are today, the growth of the recreation and tourism industries, and biographical stories of prominent names in Montana’s history have all colored the pages of the magazine.

In early 2020, Mike Rey of Rey Advertising, passed the reins of the magazine to O’Connell Publishing. John and Kerry O’Connell were honored to take over a publication which has grown to mean so much to followers of Montana history. Mike has proved to be a mentor who cares about the quality and legacy that is Montana Historian.

The challenges that emerged in 2020 were numerous. We made the difficult decision to delay publication from its normal October/November timeframe to early in 2021. It is our hope that the businesses who support the magazine and without whom the magazine does not exist, will be gearing up for 2021, as will Montana Historian Magazine.

What’s new in 2020 is a new web presence where we are adding new stories each month. Planning for more in-depth content for the hard copy is also keeping us busy. We’ve been on the road more often doing research, creating photos and videos, and enjoying the wonderful state of Montana. We are also inviting guest columns for the website and if you are interested you can read more about this opportunity here.

John and Kerry of O’Connell Publishing have found Montana Historian to be a blessing that came at the right time. A huge thank you goes out to Mike Rey of Rey Advertising for believing in us. And also to our sponsors who’ve made the dream a reality.

Thank you,

John and Kerry O’Connell, Montana Historian Magazine

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